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March 17, 2014
Pacific Time

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Community Learning Campus (CLC), Olds

James D. MacConnell Symposium Series: Community Learning Campus (CLC), Olds
Friday, May 30, 2014
Chinook's Edge School Division and Olds College
4500-50th Street
Olds, Alberta T4H 1R6, Canada

Booker T. Washington

James D. MacConnell Symposium Series: Creating a Culture of School Sustainability: A Design Challenge
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Booker T. Washington STEM Academy
Champaign, Illinois

Blazing Trails
2014 CEFPI Annual Conference and Exposition
October 3-6, 2014
Blazing Trails: A Journey of Learning
Portland, Oregon

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Shaw Contract Group

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Upcoming Programs & Events
4/11/14 2014 James D. MacConnell Award Submission Deadline
4/17/14 Georgia Chapter Meeting
4/17/14 CEFPI Webinar: Schools and Schoolyards That Empower Agents of Change
4/22/14 CEFPI Webinar: Library Design for 21st Century Learners
4/22/14 2014 North Texas Chapter Impact Award Submission Deadline
4/22/14 Rocky Mountain Chapter Earth Day Event
4/23/14 2014 Midwest Great Lakes Regional Conference
4/24/14 Utah Chapter Seminar
4/30/14 CEFPI Webinar: School CPTED: Defined, Assessed and Measured
5/1/14 EPA Webinar and Q&A Discussion: Closing the Gap: Addressing Asthma Disparities in Schools
5/4/14 North Carolina Chapter Conference
5/5/14 Harvard School of Public Health's Guidelines for Laboratory Design: Health and Safety Considerations
5/7/14 Minnesota Chapter Roundtable
5/8/14 Chicagoland Chapter Second Annual Seminar Event
5/8/14 CEFPI Webinar: Understanding Leading Practices in Energy Efficiency for K-12 Schools and Higher Education Institutions
5/14/14 North Texas Chapter Meeting: Water Use in North Texas and the Region
5/15/14 CEFPI Webinar: How Learning Shapes Space
5/15/14 Washington Chapter 2014 Innovative Educator Award Program Submission Deadline
5/21/14 CEFPI Webinar: Facilities GIS: More than Meets the Eye
5/21/14 Washington Chapter Tour and Dinner Meeting
5/25/14 2014 Australasia Region Conference
5/29/14 CEFPI Webinar: LEED V4--Changes, Similarities and what it all means
5/30/14 CEFPI Industry Partner Award Registration Deadline
5/30/14 South Carolina Chapter Golf Tournament
5/30/14 James D. MacConnell Symposium Series – Community Learning Campus (CLC), Olds
6/1/14 Washington Chapter Tour and Dinner Meeting
6/3/14 CEFPI Industry Partner Award Submission Deadline
6/11/14 North Texas Chapter Meeting: TEXO - CEFPI Task Force Update
6/12/14 CEFPI Webinar: Solutions for Large Openings for Educational Institutions
6/13/14 Washington Chapter Golf Tournament
6/22/14 Southeast Region & Georgia Chapter Summer Conference
6/25/14 CEFPI Webinar: Improving Energy Efficiency: New Technologies, Best Practices and Cost Savings
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Online MacConnell Award Exhibit
All 2013 James D. MacConnell Submissions are available for viewing. See some of the best school facilities in the world and learn about their planning process!

Online Exhibition of School Planning & Architecture
All 2013 Exhibition of School Planning & Architecture Submissions are available for viewing. See some of the best school facilities in the world and learn about their planning process!


Green Education Foundation

2013 Annual Report


Current News

What CEFPI Can Do for You
CEFPI is unique! Our principal purpose is improving the places where children learn. We embrace a diverse community of more than 4,000 professionals with one single goal – building healthy, safe and resilient 21st century learning environments. Read more >

Coalition for Community Schools Launches a New Blog Series
Our partners at the Coalition for Community Schools are launching a new blog series, "Innovations in Expanded Learning Opportunities: The Community Schools Approach." This summer, join them along with community school practitioners and leaders as they share innovative ELO practices. Each week the Coalition will post a new blog on how districts and their community partners are finding effective ways to implement different ELO types. The blog series starts June 12.

Safe Schools – A Best Practices Guide Safe Schools – A Best Practices Guide
As leaders in creating safety in the built environment, CEFPI orchestrated a security summit in Washington, DC to explore this topic.

Webinars and On Demand Webinars

Now is the Time
David Esquith, Director, Office of Safe and Healthy Students, U.S. Department of Education

School of the Future Design Competition
Learn more about this annual program celebrating our nation's schools. Webinar "how-to" on the School of the Future Design Competition.

2013 School of the Future Design Competition Winners | View Photos

Register Now! Registration is open for the 2014 School of the Future Design Competition

Mentor Now! Become a Mentor!

Event Spotlight: School Health and Indoor Environments Leadership Development Summit

IAQ & Schools Videos

For the last several years, CEFPI has provided information, resources and tools for school districts to improve indoor air quality in their schools. To access the latest information visit our Healthy Schools Web site.

Improving the Places Children Learn Continuing Education
The Advanced Certificate Program in Educational Facility Planning