Established in 1921, CEFPI is a worldwide professional 501 (c)(3) non-profit association whose sole mission is improving the places where children learn. CEFPI members, individuals, institutions and corporations are actively involved in planning, designing, building, equipping and maintaining schools and colleges. The association serves its members through three key strategic areas:

  • Advocacy and education of the general public, including policymakers, on the efficacy of school design and student outcomes; resource for planning effective educational facilities.
  • Training and professional development of our members and others through current program, workshops, seminars and conferences promoting best practices in creative school planning.
  • Research and dissemination of information regarding the linkage between the educational facility, its design and student success.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with a satellite office in Washington, DC, CEFPI is comprised of a variety of leaders and visionaries who are actively involved in the various phases of school planning. The diversity of our members is the key to CEFPI's success. CEFPI members are architects, planners, engineers, K- 12 administrators, higher education professors, construction management firms, facility maintenance and operations professionals, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and state and provincial agency representatives. Through interaction with an internationally diverse membership, you will have access to a network of experts and specialists on topics critical to effective educational facility planning.

CEFPI believes that:

  • Facilities impact the learning, development and behavior of the facility user;
  • The planning process is essential for quality facilities;
  • Sharing and networking improves the planning process; and
  • There is a standard by which to measure.

CEFPI is the primary advocate and resource for effective educational facilities. We serve those who use, plan, design, construct, maintain, equip and operate educational facilities.

CEFPI is the advocate for excellence in student learning environments.

Please come join us.