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Riding Through Tough Times

Useful tips and resources to help you navigate the
current economy

Let's Help You Help Yourself

Our 7 Point Plan
We know these are hard times and we want to be as responsive to your needs as possible. Here's a seven-point plan from your association that we hope will help you tide over the current economic storm. More>

Tough to Get Short-term Credit
Several school districts across the nation are finding it difficult to raise short-term credit to meet immediate needs. Coupled with cash shortage are higher interest rates leading many school districts to take drastic steps to balance their books. With banks not easing up on loans, the credit crunch will take some time to loosen up. There is no single reason for this economic downturn and we will feature experts who can shed light on how we could jointly wade through this economic storm.

Despite the gloom, recent days have brought in some good news...fuel prices are coming down and hopefully we will soon see a fair reduction in prices of construction material. Maybe it might turn out to be a good season to repair and maintain existing facilities.

An Expert's Viewpoint
To know the heart of the matter, we asked someone who is facing this on a daily basis. Brian Mee, Assistant Supt. for Business Services at the Pendergast Elementary School District in Arizona gave us the following responses. More>

Helpful Resources

Get free bank ratings: Bank Ratings

Useful E-Newsletters: Eye on the Economy

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Fannie Mae Keys to Recovery Initiatives

Financial Planning Association

National Public Radio's Planet Money

Reed Construction Project Leads

Small Business Administration

The State of the Nation's Housing Report

Ken Simonson Data Digest
Ken Simonson, Chief Economist at the Associated General Contractors provides a weekly email digest on construction and other economic data. Read the latest Data Digest here.

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