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All projects must have been completed after January 1, 2009. Please complete the following submittal package information and submit electronically to Janell Weihs.

  1. Project Dossier. To address the criteria and illustrate the successful story of your project, please assemble a PDF document of no more than 50-pages in length and no larger than 7 MB. Include as many photographs and/or images as necessary to illustrate and describe the process and overall project. Please avoid solicitation of any particular brand or firm involved in the project.

    The document may include:

    • Executive Summary—describe the overall goals and outcomes of the project
    • Scope of Work
    • Budget
    • Community Engagement Process
      • Identify stakeholders
      • Name challenges
      • Describe available assets
      • Describe value of process and project to community at large
    • Educational Environment
      • Describe & illustrate how the environment supports the curriculum
      • Describe & illustrate how the environment supports a variety of learning & teaching styles
    • Physical Environment
      • Describe & illustrate the physical attributes of the environment
      • Describe & illustrate how the facility fits within the larger context of the community
      • Describe & illustrate how the project inspires and motivates
    • Results of the process & project
      • Explain how the project achieves educational goals and objectives
      • Explain how the project achieves school district goals
      • Explain how the project achieves community goals
  2. Additional Images. No more than 5 additional images not to exceed 1MB each (floor plans, site plans, images of your choice).
  3. Confidential Data Sheet. Click here to download form; email with project dossier.
  4. Firm name may not appear on photos.
  5. Educational Specifications or Program of Requirements document, including a short summary of state/provincial guidelines. Email with project dossier.
  6. Photo Release Form. Please complete, sign, and include the photo release form in the submittal transmission. One release per project.

Please send all forms and the project dossier by April 4, 2014 to Janell Weihs.

Files larger than 7 MB will not be submitted to the jury.