Lynnwood High School, Edmonds School District, Bothell, Washington

Situated adjacent to a wetland and protected by stands of mature Douglas-firs, Lynnwood High School is the replacement of a 1960s campus-style school. Three primary themes – student learning, community enhancement, and sustainability – shaped program and design goals, resulting in a new building that is designed to enhance a sense of school unity, community involvement, lifelong learning, and the surrounding ecosystem.

The Agora – Greek for "marketplace" – is an unencumbered rhythmic structure that serves as a central gathering space and community resource. An adaptable space, the Agora effortlessly handles the traffic flow of 1,600 students and addresses social interaction at multiple levels. It serves as a cafeteria, lobby, performance venue, study hall, community event space, and the heart of the school. Small Learning Communities and Career & Technical Education program spaces are organized around the Agora, providing flexibility for independent and joint use. The school is designed to meet evolving educational demands and anticipates multiple organizational scenarios – from traditional departmental groupings, to exploratory theme based academies, and open plan individualized learning areas.

Lynnwood High School Lynnwood High School
Lynnwood High School Lynnwood High School

The building's structural layout provides multiple zones for educational opportunities and community events – from small, informal gatherings to whole school rallies. Indoor and outdoor learning spaces support educational and community needs. Athletic fields, parking and facilities are designed to adult and youth league requirements. After school hours, the gym, theater, Agora, and library are used by government, district, religious, business, and local organizations. Several community organizations – Kiwanis, Rotary, Loyal Royals, and PTSA – are involved in academic and athletic programs at the school. Further demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning for the community, the library and SLCs are utilized by continuing education programs.

Sustainable strategies – day lighting, energy efficiency, natural ventilation, air quality, water quality, waste reduction, and urban agriculture – are embedded throughout and are made visible to students and community alike. Classrooms, labs, and the spacious Agora are filled with abundant diffused daylight. Electric lighting controlled by automatic sensors ensures efficiency. Materials maximize recycled content and minimize off-gassing of harmful volatile organic compounds. A multi-step boiler provides efficient heat within the highly insulated building envelope. In each learning space, fresh outside air is heated by cabinet fin tubes and vented through natural convection shafts that double as skylights, keeping the building cool in warm weather without air conditioning. Storm water collected on the roof of the Agora is visibly channeled through a decorative conductor and a series of runnels past outdoor learning areas, before recharging the existing wetland.

Lynnwood High School is designed to exceed state energy code requirements and received a $240,000 energy rebate from the Snohomish County Public Utilities District. The school meets the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol and has earned Energy Star design certification, placing it in the top 10% of energy efficient buildings nationwide.

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