"The Summit was a successful gathering of school leaders who all care about the same thing – creating and maintaining healthy schools for healthy children. I left the event inspired
by the work, passion and dedication of my peers and am excited to be a part
of the healthy indoor environments in schools movement."

– Tracy Washington Enger, U.S. EPA

SHIELDS participants hold the Declaration of Commitment poster and pledge to lead the green and healthy schools movement

On July 12, 2012, over 60 school health leaders gathered in Washington, D.C., for the inaugural School Health and Indoor Environments Leadership Development Summit (SHIELDS) to discuss the future of the green and healthy schools movement. Held at the National Education Association Headquarters and hosted by EPA's Indoor Environments Division, this one-day event brought together a variety of stakeholders including school, government, non-profit and industry leaders.

SHIELDS was designed to allow participants to understand and connect with one another's assets and missions. Each attendee signed a declaration of commitment to the SHIELDS vision of green and healthy indoor environments in schools that promote healthy children and improve student and staff performance. Throughout the day, participants shared their knowledge of best practices, provided access to their network of partners and stakeholders and collaborated in action learning activities that strengthened the community and advanced the vision.

The Creation of Pacing Events

The SHIELDS collective vision

The school leaders divided into teams to plan and design action learning events called "Pacing Events" which are intended to generate actionable commitments. This activity led to the formation of nine events, including trainings, conferences, webinars and regional engagements. Teams created posters advertising their events and displayed them in a "marketplace," where they networked with their peers by exchanging requests and offers to help with each event, including offers of event space, volunteering to be a speaker, and providing sponsorship.

Participants left the Summit with the connections and opportunities needed to advance clean, safe and healthy indoor environments in schools. Stay tuned to hear more about these nine exciting pacing events – one of them may be near you – and to find out how you can join these school health leaders in implementing the vision of green and healthy indoor school learning environments.

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