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CEFP Designation Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who wish to sit for the CEFP examination must meet all eligibility requirements prior to taking the examination. The following are the minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Have been employed in the educational facility planning field for the last five years preceding the application.
  • Submit a portfolio of projects, articles, and other professional work in the last five years preceding the application (must be in an electronic format). The professional portfolio will be a collection of work from the last 5-years which is meant to demonstrate experience and expertise in the field of educational facility planning. The portfolio is not a collection of marketing materials and should include the following information:
    1. A list of projects with a brief scope of work for each project. Include name of school, district and location of project.
    2. Date of project and/or schedule of project completion.
    3. Title held during the project.
    4. A comprehensive description of the candidate's primary responsibility in the project.
  • Have completed 100 hours of broad-based qualifying professional development the last five years preceding the application. Within those 100 hours no more than 20 can come from any single domain topic. Please use the spreadsheet to organize your professional development hours.
    Please identify the hours by the following domains:
    1. Designing Schools to Support Diverse Learning Styles and Need
    2. Educational Facility Community Engagement and Master Planning
    3. Educational Facility Pre-Design Planning
    4. Educational Facility Architectural Design Process
    5. Educational Facility Implementation
    6. Assessment of the School Facility
  • Have at least five years of total experience as an educational facility planner and a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college/university.
  • Attest to uphold the CEFP Standards of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Have no felony convictions related to the practice of educational facility planning.

Professional Experience Requirements

At the time of application, the applicant must meet the following professional experience requirements:

  • Be currently or recently employed for five years prior to application as a paid employee in a firm or sole proprietorship such as a planning organization, architectural firm, engineering firm, construction organization, maintenance organization, or supplier that provides goods or services to educational facilities, OR;
  • Be currently or recently employed for five years prior to application as a paid employee of a school district, state department, or other governmental entity involved in planning educational facilities.

*Internship experience and/or service as a volunteer leader is not applicable toward the professional experience requirement.

Certification Examination

Upon meeting all of the eligibility requirements, all candidates must pass the certification examination. The Commission has developed a bank of multiple choice and true/false questions which will be used for the examination. The questions were developed from the chapters in "Creating Connections: The CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility Planning," which serves as the primary reference guide for the examination. In addition, questions were also created from selected supplementary reading references. All of the questions are intended to demonstrate the candidates’ knowledge and expertise in the practice of educational facility planning.

Supplemental Reading List for CEFP Exam

Building and Renovation Schools – D.R. Anderson, 2004 edition.

School as Centers of Community – S. Bingler, L. Quinn, and L. Sullivan, available through the NCEF website: NCEF

The Language of School Design – R. Fielding and P. Nair, 2009 edition, available through DesignShare.com

The impact of school environments: A literature review, The Centre for Learning and Teaching – S. Higgins, E. Hall, K. Wall, P Woolner, and C. McCaughey, 2005 addition Available at: http://www.stakeholderdesign.com/designcouncilreport.pdf

Educational Facilities Planning; Leadership, Architecture, and Management. C.K. Tanner and J. Lackney, 2006 edition.

Linking school facility conditions to teacher satisfaction and success – M. Schneider, 2003 edition, available through the NCEF website: NCEF

Research into the Connection Between Built Learning Spaces and Student Outcomes, 2011 edition, available through the Victoria (AUS) Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The CEFP examination will be administered in a single, three-hour session and will consist of 200 questions randomly selected from the overall question bank. Each multiple-choice question contains four (4) options/choices, only one of which is the correct or best answer. The examination will be administered in an electronic format. Candidates must provide their own Internet capable (wireless) portable computers. Advance instructions will sent to candidates prior to the exam concerning browser and necessary downloadable software for the exam system.

The examination will initially be offered annually in conjunction with all of the regional conferences and the annual international conference. Additional sites may be added by the Commission at future dates.

Candidates who hold the Recognized Educational Facility Planner (REFP) designation as of December 31, 2012, and graduates of the San Diego State University Advanced Certificate Program in Educational Facility Planning (ACP) are automatically eligible for a shorter examination consisting of 50 questions from the central test bank. This examination will be administered at the same location and dates as other candidates. All candidates who hold the REFP designation must complete an application prior to examination.



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